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Tacos y Rocky 
Funkytown's Original
 "Arabian Tacos"

Our Story

In the city of Puebla, Mexico a little-known taco culture exists. Many people are unaware that our beloved tacos have a deeper cultural influence coming all the way from the Middle East. It all started in the early 1900's when an Iraqi immigrant named "Jorge" served the first Arabian taco in Puebla which later became known as "Tacos Árabes". By way of a Pueblan family, we're excited to bring you an authentic take on this unique taco culture.

Influenced by Middle Eastern flavors and cooking techniques, Tacos y Rocky features a rare blend of Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisine in the form of Tacos Árabes. Our recipes were handed down from "Jorge" as well as the other Iraqis and Lebanese that immigrated to Puebla. We are a scratch kitchen and take pride in bringing one of the most culturally inspired taco concepts to Funkytown, USA.



Where to Find Us

Enjoy Our Breakfast Tacos at These Funkytown TX Locations
Vaquero Coffee Co - Downtown FW
Race Street Coffee - Race St. FW
Kimzey's Coffee - Argyle TX

Made From Scratch Daily

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